Pick a Kaiser executive by clicking on one of the “Adopt” buttons below. Then let him know that you want Kaiser Permanente to put healthcare dollars into patient care, not outrageous executive salaries, bonuses and perks!


Kaiser Permanente is California’s largest HMO with more than 6.9 million enrollees in our state.

Despite its “not for profit” status, Kaiser Permanente has made more than $5.7 billion in profits since the beginning of 2009, a total that puts it on par with the most profitable 6% of “for profit” companies in the Fortune 500.

Like Fortune 500 companies, Kaiser’s profits have directly benefited its top executives. In 2009, Kaiser paid its six top executives a combined $16.6 million and provided them with executive perks like first class air travel, forgiveable home loans, and multiple pension and bonus plans. However, Kaiser hasn’t shown the same generosity to its patients and frontline caregivers.

Despite its massive profitability, Kaiser is trying to force cuts to the health and retirement benefits of 4,000 of its own frontline caregivers and refuses to agree to workers’ reasonable requests for enforceable staffing ratios that protect both workers and patients.

At the same time, Kaiser executives recently raised rates on 300,000 Californians employed by small businesses and non profits by an average of 11%, as well as on cash-strapped California school districts that are already laying off teachers to deal with crippling budget deficits.

Tell Kaiser’s executives to put Californians’ premium dollars into better patient care, not outrageous executive salaries, bonuses and perks.


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